Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

I recently read an article with (very gendered) advice for Christian wives, that was accompanied by this photo:


The article was the usual one-sided “do X for your husband, do Y for your husband” stuff, much of which would actually be great if both spouses did it for one another (praising and appreciating your partner) and others that are terrible advice (never telling him when he does wrong, as you are not the Holy Spirit). Such articles appear to have no notion of mutuality, of spouses treating each other as you yourself would like to be treated. This time around, though,  I noticed the picture, not just the article.

Is she faceless and headless with a closed mouth because that is what women are supposed to be by this theology: A pair of arms to clean his home and a crotch for you-know-what? And is she thin and apparently young, because that is another impossible expectation thrown on women: To stay good-looking for their men?

How often do you see articles about/for Christian women (either egal or comp), or Christians in general, pictured by a woman that is not so young, not so thin, makeup not so perfectly done? For example, an article on prayer in a Christian magazine, with a photo of an aged, grey-haired woman praying?

An article on Miss So-and-so who works at an orphanage, and then a picture of Miss So-and-so, does not count. I mean photos in which the woman used to illustrate the story is not actually a character in it, but her photo was seen as something to picture the (positive) idea of the story.

Could that be seen as another form of female oppression? To be a representative of womanhood, even Christian womanhood, you need to look like a model?


Which of these photos would be most likely to be used in a Christian magazine article on prayer?



Comments on: "Why are Christian articles mostly pictured with thin, young women?" (5)

  1. Amen.
    I, also, am so tired of seeing ‘young, beautiful, no-name, no face’ women on WOMEN’S magazine. It seems that even women are buying into that male entitlement attitude. It’s such a shame because male and female were created equal and both in the image of God. And God has NO age or beauty. So why does ‘beauty’ seem to be the number one expectation of the female. It shouldn’t be. PERSONHOOD should be number one expectation of both.


    • Good question, why beauty seems to be the number one expectation of the female. I’ve even read one highly praised Christian™ book, “Captivating”, years ago that was pretty much about how women desire to be beauties and to have a prince rescuing them, or something like that. I did not relate to the book, even though I did not find Biblical equality theology yet at that time.


      • I’ve read the book you’re talking about. And the ‘companion’ written by her husband. I just could not wrap my mind around the pure ‘fantasy’ that those books seem to flaunt. It just isn’t Biblical. And so many Christian writers are buying into that ‘theory’. They need to read Proverbs 31. Not one word about so-called ‘beauty’. Proverbs actually condemns ‘beauty’ of the flesh.
        The devil in me wants to pass a law that all males are required to wear speedos at all times, lol.


  2. Women get the short end of the stick for everything. Heard of this yet?


  3. Well said, Retha!


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