Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

Purpose of experiment:

Many “Biblical womanhood” women, especially of the Quiverfull variety, claim that “feminists” neglect their children, while they love theirs. By this standard, attention to children is good (I agree) and neglecting them is bad. (I agree.) If their hypothesis holds out, the average child of a feminist mother would remember less personal attention from Mum than the average child of a biblical womanhood supporter.


1) Go and ask a few teenage children of self-admitted feminists, still in mum’s home, and adult children, no longer under Mum’s wing, these questions:

a) “Please estimate, in hours and minutes, how much time your mother spend (teens)/spent (adults) with you as an individual, per week.

b) On a scale of 1 to 10, how well did your parents provide for your physical needs -food, medical attention, clothing, etc.?”

2) Then ask the same questions to teenage and out of home adult children of staunch biblical womanhood supporters.

3) Compare the numbers.

The first question is because attention to a group called “your children” may still leave the individual child very much neglected, the second for obvious reasons.

Unlike the selfishness experiment, I don’t have the means to perform this one. But my bet would be that some of the Quiverfull women who condemn others for neglecting children leave the needs of more children neglected way more often.

Comments on: "Do feminists really neglect their children?" (4)

  1. I have a problem with the idea of one set definition of “biblical womanhood.” No two Christians can give me the same explanation.


  2. Floating on Tiptoes said:

    I couldn’t agree with this more. I know a beautiful young man who is from a Quiverfull home. He is one of fourteen children. He is intelligent, kind and thoughtful, but lonely, insecure and sad. Being number seven of fourteen, he claims he received very little attention from his parents, and never any one on one time. He feels like he was just a number and a worker. He claims his parents know nothing about him as a person and he doesn’t know them. He is sure his mother loves him, but she doesn’t know him. He now spends his life looking for a young woman who will love and accept him. That way he will be loved for who he is, and he will finally feel accepted. He is very jealous of the relationship I have with my one child; a beautiful daughter. He feels like his family and upbringing are a freak show. He was often hungry and never had any private time, having to share one bedroom with eight brothers, and there being only one bathroom in the house. I see his situation as neglectful.

    I think that a lot of Quiverfull women are very quick to throw stones as ‘us feminists’, but are guilty themselves of what they accuse us of. Yes, they may fill their homes with many children, but how many of those kids grown into adults who felt loved and nurtured by their parents? How many have tender memories with special, regular one on one time with mum? How many felt understood and ‘known’ by their parents?

    I feel genuinely sad for the kids of Quiverfull parents. The intentions may be there but rarely is the follow through. They should look at their own situations with clarity before being so quick to throw stones at others.


    • That is one of the worst things for me of the Quiverfull/Patriarchy movement: Those are often women with good intentions, hijacked to put their energies into bad – sometimes very bad – ideas. Stories like this young man’s is very sad. Even one bedroom with eight siblings – never mind food shortage – would have killed my introverted heart a little.


  3. For an honest result, you would almost have to include the father and not just the mother from the quiver full movement, for the mother from the quiver full movement is largely controlled by the father, her husband. Those women married to more nurturing men, would probably have better results than those who were not.

    Sadly, as a home schooler, I have not yet encountered many nurturing fathers in this movement…


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