Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

Evie comments this on The Wartburg Watch:

My personal experience is that complementarianism encourages disunity, not unity. With an emphasis on being separate and different, the focus turns to what role the man should be fulfilling to fit the ‘biblical’ order, and the same for the woman…

Problems in the marriage? Someone must not be fulfilling their role very well! Problems in the church? Someone must be out if order! Problems 1559812_10151875433543365_1451676596_nare looked at and solved first off through a top-down pyramid shaped paradigm first, with a few scriptures thrown in secondly.

Rather than roles, I think the emphasis is on Oneness. “The two shall become one.” Complementarianism seem to think Oneness is achieved through the woman filling the shape she’s supposed to fill so that she ‘complements’ the shape her husband is supposed to be filling. And then you take those two shapes and fit them together and then bam! Unity, happiness, bliss, angels, harmony, joy, agreement and amazing sex!

Well it doesn’t work that way. Each individual in the marriage isn’t some gender shaped role. We are first and foremost 100% human and 100% equal to each other within the context of marriage. The man isn’t ahead or above his wife. There must be equality, there must be mutuality, and their must be co-operation. Complementarianism kills all this. It kills it. And robs the relationship of its power by subjugating the woman to the man, and the man to the power of the leaders of the church who assume authority over them both…

Read her whole comment here.

Comments on: "Why gender roles cause disunity: An insightful comment" (2)

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  2. Enjoyed this post, I agree with the thought that complementarianism kills any facade of equality.


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