Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

man-in-mirrorManhood, the experts claim, is in dire straits. Boys  are more likely to drop out of  school and more likely to get involved in crime (haven’t they always?) than girls. More men do not want to work. In the time of the Titanic, most men gave women and children their places on the lifeboats*, while the same cannot be said of men in modern times.

The culprit, say many in the church, is feminism. Casual sex mean that men don’t have to get married any more to get intercourse. So they do not marry. And men drink in the feminist notion that women do not need men. They start to feel useless, and then they act on what they feel.

My first observation will be that this is a remarkably shallow view of men: “Men can get sex easily, so there is no need for them to marry,” it says. Is this all men want? I sincerely believe the average guy wants more than just that out of life. And men, in days of old, could get that easily too:  Sorry to be crude here, but it’s called “the oldest profession on earth” for a reason.

Secondly, by this theory, men act useless because they get their cue from women. “Feminists” say men are not needed, and men believe it.

This, so concludes these theorists, means we should oppose women having equal rights with men. Can you see the substitution of terms? Feminism, in the beginning of the text, referred to sexual immorality and calling men redundant.  Now it refers to whether women should have equal rights or not.

I suggest another solution: Tell the men to find their identity and value in Christ, not in the “feminist” sector of society that finds them worthless, or in the amount of women they can seduce.

For that matter, oppose the “feminists” that are allegedly responsible for this situation, by teaching that God made us all to need each other. God gave all of us gifts to use to the benefit of the community, so every man can ask God where he is needed. Of course, men are needed in God’s plan as much as women are. Preach against sexual immorality – which is certainly older than feminism and not to be laid at the feminists’ door.



*On the Titanic, the captain ordered a “women and children first” policy, and the crew enforced it. On a ship like the RMS Empress of Ireland, sinking in 1914, nobody ordered a special policy and only 3% of the children, 13% of the women and 28% of the men was saved. There was a few minutes in which male passengers could have stood back and helped female passengers and children into the available life boats if they wanted to, but in the absence of enforcing such a policy from the top men seemingly acted in their own interest and not as heroes. Most men in those days, it seems, were not much different from men today.

Comments on: "Manhood in dire straits: Where should men find their identity?" (5)

  1. This is male-bashing by such as Al Mohler and others in leadership. I think it was Mohler who used the Titantic situtation to illustrate his point. It is also used by the radical christian group Vision Forum. They bash males by calling them “sissies.” Oh, they don’t use that schoolyard bullying term. But that is what they are saying, nevertheless. So they tell men to stand on the backs of women and this will make them taller and they will look like men. The wife is to lay down her God-given equality and the men hop on top and beat their chest and proclaim “I am man!”

    Those men who call women ‘feminist’ are not laying down their lives for women. No, they are standing on top of them to keep them from rising up. Somehow this makes them men. Go figure.


  2. JustSomeGuy said:

    If our prime directive (male and female) is to be like Christ to the world, then indeed we should want to develop no other identity. I shake my head every time I see this gender identity crap.

    Who decided what stereotype traits belong to who? Not Him. We did.


  3. I don’t think anyone is responsible for how men behave or live their lives…only those men themselves are responsible. I am not saying that the economy or real life tragedy doesn’t affect us, because it does, but everyone is being affected by different things going on, not just one class or gender. Men need to take responsibility…women are not your scapegoat. I also agree with the guy above (re: gender identity).


  4. Man or woman, we need to learn to be people first and develop our God given talents whatever they are and leave the gender stereotypes out of the equations.
    Men need to also realize they have a brain and it controls their actions if they will use it, as women we have been taught to from childhood when it comes to sex, boy have been told boys will be boys as if they are on auto pilot. With some of the male attitudes out there I’d be embarrassed to be a male! LOL Ones thought life has a lot to do with ones compulsion.
    And yes following Jesus is the answer if one follows him not the religon.


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