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Comments on: "I will be going to Israel/ Egypt from 1-11 July" (3)

  1. May the Lord keep you safe on your journey!


  2. writerhelenrdavis said:

    Have fun Retha! I’m interested in your thoughts about Egypt.


    • Erm. They showed us considerably less Egypt, because it was really not the best time to be a tourist there. We arrived about 2 am on the 2nd of July, tired and dirty after two long flights. Later we woke up, visited the sphinx and pyramids (amazing, and I think the sphinx had the head on the very worn statue carved out further to make something different, too small for the worn statue, long after it was built. My artistic sense, wear on the sphinx, and the knowledge that this was not a rush job project but a very large one that would have been precisely planned, tells me that the face carving is not as old as the statue.) We then went to a place where papyrus is made, that had lovely – expensive – art.
      After that we would have went to the Church on the Dumps, but they thought it unsafe to go into the poor neighbourhoods at a time like that.
      So we took the long route Moses took through the desert instead, for safety’s sake. We stopped at check points with military men where we were not allowed to photograph (once we stopped for 2 hours), at Elim where the 12 fountains were in the time of Moses, and a place where they have a model of the Suez canal.
      Our tour guide talked about the situation in Egypt (he was really interesting), Moses, and the scenery. The scenery was sand, sand and more sand, now and then water on one side but no greenery, and many unfinished hotels (the hotel industry took a knock when the politics worsened, and many business people abandoned half-build hotel projects).
      We arrived at our hotel on the other side of Egypt shortly before midnight, and the next morning (3 July) we crossed the border into Israel.

      So I can say very little of Egypt, except that the hotels I was in was great, the hotel employees helpful, the street vendors pushy, and Egyptians don’t seem to care about traffic rules. And the sphinx and pyramids is remarkable.


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