Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

Sometimes, we egalitarians feel as if we are in a tiny minority. The gender hierarchists speak so loudly, that we feel as if our life-giving message is not heard. Perhaps this is a little bit of evidence to help you cheer up.

does christianity oppress womenThis picture consists of screenshots taken from a Christian Apologetics group. Apologetics is a discipline that draws many of the more thoughtful and intelligent of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Here, they discuss the question “How do we respond to the charge that Christianity is about oppressing women?”

Right-click on the picture and open it large in a new window. Then  zoom in to read – many comments (especially in the second half) are egalitarian or egalitarian-friendly, and egalitarian comments tend to get more “like”s that the non-egalitarian ones. Several people whose comments are not egalitarian are open to hearing  ideas like, for example, what “helper” means when referring to Eve, and thankful for those ideas.

Note how even the most gender role oriented commenter (I marked his two comments with arrows) responds positively when I explain submission in an egalitarian manner. Also notice that the group is not giving his “women should keep to their role” comment any likes, any approval.

We are not alone. Christian equality is gaining ground.

Comments on: "Thoughtful Christians get it!" (2)

  1. Some interesting comments here. I truly wonder why some Christians get it and others don’t.


  2. Thanks for sharing that. I read every comment on there and it was encouraging. I only wish that the screen shot included a bit more of the longer comments. Not that I really needed to. Who has the time for such things? Not me! But I still appreciate being able to see what’s going on.


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