Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

A little girl once wrote this in her school book:

1+5= Jesus




Her teacher asked her why she did it. She answered:

 “In Sunday school, I heard Jesus is the answer to all our problems.”

It is rather cute when a little child does it, but suppose that an adult said this:

Mathematics is essentially irredeemable. We cannot redeem a movement that was conceived in rebellion against God and His message. At its core, the message of mathematics is this: Jesus is not the answer. Answers to sums are things like “three”, “minus seven”, or “two-hundred-and-twelve point three five.” Mathematics make the standard answer to problems not God, but the answers that are “right in [our] own eyes” (Judges 21:25).

This is a category error. The answer to one plus five is indeed six, not Jesus. I believe complementarians and patriarchy people make the same type of error here:

We cannot redeem a movement that was conceived in rebellion against God and His design. Feminism certainly comes in several different flavors, but at its core, its message is this: Women have the right to decide for themselves what is right and wrong for them. Since the Garden of Eden, feministic women have valiantly fought for the right to get their own way, and each woman’s only standard is What She Wants –- what is “right in [her] own eyes” (Judges 21:25)… This is … why “Christian” feminism is an oxymoron. – Anna Sophie and Elizabeth Botkin

Ultimately, it comes down to this: who holds the rights to your life…you or God? Do you take in all that feminism has fed us over the years and demand the right to dictate your life or do you submit to the authority that God has placed over your life?

Only God has the right to our rights. – Sarah Bubar, on Mary Kassian’s site, Girlsgonewise

These are the kind of problems that feminism responded to:

> Only men had the right to go to a university or seminary. (By the way, the scriptures tell us to let women learn – 1 Tim 2:11a)

> Women did not have the right to own property. Widows were left with absolutely nothing when their husbands died, and other male family took what she built up with her husband. (Throughout both the old and new Testaments, God tells us to show justice to widows, and feminists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton was therefore doing in the will of God by fighting for the rights of widows to inherit.)

> Fathers had rights to bethroth a woman not ready for marriage to men they do not want to marry. Powerful men grabbed whatever woman they wanted, and could not be prosecuted. (The mere  fact that a father wants her to marry, or a man want to use her, does not mean that a certain man or age of marriage is the will of God.)

As such, the issue that feminism responds to is not:

Women used to follow God (in things like further study, owning property, or marriage).

The issue they respond to is:

Women used to be forced, regardless of what they or God wanted, to follow men. In smaller ways this still happen, and in some societies it is very common.

Feminism enables women to do what they want, but also to do what God wants. Someone with no choice cannot choose God:

How can a woman under the thumb of patriarchy say to the Lord, “not my will but yours,” and “not my life but yours” when she has no will or life of her own? If her life and will do not exist, then the giving of herself fully to our Lord Jesus Christ is prevented or obstructed. Those who are not allowed to have a relationship, an opinion, an expression, a life, or a heart of their own will be hindered in entering into a personal relationship with the Lord because it is in the Lord’s name that they are told they do not exist. “The Lord is my shepherd” is taken out of their reach by those proclaiming the dominion of males, which then results in abuse, enslavement, and a rationale for men to fulfill their desires for power and the gratification of their own flesh. – Jon Zens

Is feminism good? I’d say yes, because God found free will good. Is patriarchy good? I’d say no, because Jesus found lording it over others bad. Feminism opposes male-centered oppression, not God-centered choices.

Comments on: "Six plus two does not equal Jesus, and gender role proponents are wrong about women’s rights" (11)

  1. Woo Hoo Retha! LOVE IT!

    Every movement must have an enemy, and Patriarchy has feminism. They tend to bypass Satan altogether. I mean they already have their devil don’t they?

    I have to giggle at statements like: Since the Garden of Eden, feministic women have valiantly fought for the right to get their own way, and each woman’s only standard is What She Wants –- what is “right in [her] own eyes” (Judges 21:25)… This is … why “Christian” feminism is an oxymoron.

    Why do I giggle?

    The true oxymoron is that they valiantly fight to get their own way, and their own standards – which change constantly – and it is right not only in their eyes but in God’s. Strange how they state God’s ways never change, and yet they dream up news ones all the time.

    Denial is very powerful, and can be used to NOT see things as plain as the nose on your face.

    Its sad that women allow themselves to be mouthpeices – and nothing more – to these men’s ‘loving’ authority.


  2. Retha, your articles are always so logical and reasonable and cut through the BS. Well done and thank you.


  3. Retha, thank you so much for this post.
    I really needed to hear this a couple times this week. I’ve shared it and read it probably three times already. 😀


  4. Thank you for all the praise. And welcome, new commenters! I hope there is more here which you find useful.


  5. Deborah Shore said:

    Good job, Retha! I would add that patriarchy gave order in its own context and time (it was not all bad) but that it did not represent the fullest or best of God’s intentions in Christ. It is way past time to move on.


  6. Very good. I am glad the neopatriarchy and male supremecists are being called out in various blogs. Complementarianism is nothing but patriarchy trying to look like normal people.


  7. Leta H. Cooke said:

    The evil Rockefellers engineered American women to become the insane, schizophrenic, immodest, sassy, rebellious, child-murdering, destructive monsters they are today. Honestly, I don’t think the Rockefellers thought it would be so easy. American women have fallen hook, line and sinker for the Devil’s bait. Feminism promised women that they would become “as gods,” just as the serpent lied to Eve (Genesis 3:5). Instead of becoming “as gods,” women have become AS GOODS, being sent into the workplace to forfeit a family, marriage and children. Suckers! You’ve given up everything, just as Eve in the Garden of Eden. You’ve thrown it all away for what… a dead-end career?


    • I do not expect Leta to learn anything from my answer. But a wiser person who have heard that message over and over again may consider this:
      Leta’s opinion says more of Leta than it says about American women.

      What did women give up (“throw away”) by asking for the same rights as men? Most Western women have both families and rights. And, from a place of having human rights and knowing it, they can look better after their families. If women become “as goods” by working, is the same true for men?
      On the other hand, women who have no rights cannot even do something about it if their children are molested by the father.

      And mentioning “forfeit[ing] a family, marriage and and children” as if it is a bad thing shows that Leta really don’t get the New Testament – Jesus and the New Testament message always calls forfeiting marriage an exceptionally good thing.


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