Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

Many a manosphere male, who call himself a Christian,  claims that Christian men should take advice from “game”, a system which pick up artists use to get girls for one night stands or very short term relationships. (Warning: Adult theme) Husbands, they say, should use that as advice for how to act in their marriage.

It sounds ridiculous to me. Here is why.

Pure pick up artist game is seemingly meant to tell a girl: “I am worth spending the night with, even though I won’t be here for you next week.” In game, you do not need to convince the object of your attention that you are worth anything in the long run – she accepts you won’t be there in the long run.

The appeal of a game guy to a gal who fall for it seems, methinks, in that he can be dumped easily if needed, without the departure causing any heartache for him or stalking for her. Many women can accept bad boy behaviour in guys they can easily get rid of. But a man who follows Jesus does not try to make his spouse accept that he won’t be around any more next week. A woman who follow Jesus do not want to sleep with a man who won’t be there for her next week.

Of course, many women are not as loose as those who find “easily dumpable” a good quality. They fall for men who dishonestly tell them they will be there in the long run, not for men they know would not be. They believe lies, they do not want bad guys. A man without insight who knows her boyfriend would say: “Why is Sally dating Joe and not me? Joe is unstable and dishonest. Women must like men like that.” Actually, Sally does not like instability and dishonesty. Sally believes what Joe says, and does not think Joe is unstable and dishonest. This kind of relationship will most likely last until Sally finds out the truth unless co-dependency rears its ugly head, or unless Sally marries Joe before she finds out and is none too eager to divorce.

Game behaviour is simply not meant for marriage. Statistics say alpha males – successful gamers – are half as likely to marry. And if they do, their chances are 14 times as high to have marriages ending in divorce.

Patriarchy supporters who want to bring game into marriage supports selfishness and disrespect, not marriage or Christianity.

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  1. Where is this coming from?
    I have never heard of this.
    Do you have links of people/places that are promoting this worldly rubbish?


  2. I think you might be meaning “con game” and “con artist” where you are using the word “game”.


  3. Mara, I will send you a personal message with the answer. I don’t really want to promote the so-called manosphere too much. This is not from complementarian leaders or even patriarchal ones, but bloggers who stick Christianity (Bible proof texts about gender, any way) onto their chauvinism.


    • Mara, if they laid out their theory, it will work like this:
      1) Women can be picked up by this disrespectful behavior.
      2) That means this is what women want.
      3) Married and Christian women are essentially no different from those females who sleep around with disrespecting men.
      4) Treat your wife that way too.

      Of course, only a few women can be picked up with behavior like that. (Whether behavior like making her jealous and not letting her know if you love her is helping or hindering that pick up is debatable.) Even then, it seems these men develop a bitter “women want to dump you, so keep two in the kitty” attitude. Because even these women can only tolerate such behavior short term.
      To jump from “this is what women who sleep around want” to “this is what respectable ladies want” is also a stretch. But it serves their chauvinistic agenda, I suppose. Surprisingly many of them say no woman is good enough to marry (if they choose to disrespect women, they will think that), while 81% of egalitarian marriages are happy, according to David H. Olson.Their attitude firstly hurt themselves.


      • Okay, so this is sort of a fringe thing, not something Piper or Driscoll or CBMW are promoting.

        These men are very hurt and bitter. Their rants sound like the rants of hurt bitter women on the fringe of feminists groups that slam all men as this or that.

        It is very sad that humans use the Bible to promote their own carnal issues and fleshly thought patterns.

        Thanks for the info.


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