Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

I peeked inside a book in the bookstore today. It was named “Woman, thou are loosed.” And the first thing I saw was more or less this:

“Men process facts, and women emotions. It is a sin for a man to be like a woman, or a woman like a man.

1Co 6:9  Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind.”

Firstly, it is simply not true that women do not process facts. The mere fact that some females do well in school means they can process facts. Nor is it true that men do not process emotions. The mere fact that some men write great songs, poetry and symphonies prove they can do so. And God never, as far as I know, rebuked men like David or Solomon for emotional acts like songwriting, or women for practical things like feeding their families – accepting the fact that their family needs food.

Secondly, using that verse to say women should not act manly is spurious for at least two reasons.

1) The literal wording is against acting effeminate. If the literal wording is what God meant, then both men and women should act manly.

2) Translators never reached consensus yet on how to translate “effeminate”. It is translated as effeminate, men who have sex with men, or male prostitutes, depending on what translation you use.

Not all translators agree God condemned effeminate men there. But what certainly is not there, is a condemnation of emasculate women.

In the attitude of that writer, I probably sinned now, as I processed facts and thereby allegedly acted like a man. But I had to answer that from a factual perspective because that is how my God-given mind works. And that dilemma – answering to the best of my ability, allegedly sinning by doing so, brings me to my actual topic:

I do not oppose gender role doctrine only because I chose to. Much less do I reject it because I don’t want to listen to God. I oppose Biblical Womanhood because it simply doesn’t make sense. You could as well tell me to cafoob a minoockle bradogally, or to draw square circles. I have no idea how I, a single woman, could live my gender role.

Some say single women should look for husbands to live their gender role, but the simple truth is that there are fewer Christian men than women. I don’t believe God calls people to keep looking for what is just not there.

According to some, a woman is supposed to be emotional and not focused on facts, but Jesus said: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind.” And God happened to give some women good minds, and to suppress it to love God only from their emotions, would be disobedient to that most basic commandment.

This is not about me. I loved Jesus years before hearing of Biblical Womanhood. I won’t stop loving Him even if all the church tell me I should learn to think only like a woman. (How? And why? God does not say it?) This is about other women who are not Christians yet. How many women would follow God if we tell them that to love Jesus, they should live their life shutting off their brain and not processing facts, while simultaneously loving God with all of their minds? How is that possible? For that matter, how could a man love God with all his heart and soul if processing with their emotions counts as effeminate? I pray for women and girls (and men and boys) to be able to come to God unhindered. I pray to be capable of saying: Woman, thou are loosed from those impossible expectations.

Comments on: "How to bradogally cafoob a minoockle, or how Biblical Womanhood makes Christianity impossible" (7)

  1. I always had trouble with that verse, since I have a Christian friend who is quite girly but staright and I see nothing wrong with girly guys, they are more sensitive, we have two in our family (both happily married and inlove with their wives,a lthough people think they are gay they are not) and when I read thsi verse I was troubled that God could hate a person beacsue of that. So is that verse only for male prostitutes? I do hope so, cause if then what will happen to tomboy gilrs? Shoudl all of us not be unique, I thought that pleased God instaed of making everybody a clone.
    I wish youc ould give me some commnets regarding the topic.
    By the way I agree biblical womanhood is impossible and that phrase from that book is so offensive to any female and wil even hurt emotional men then.


    • Andrea, where the old translations say effeminate, the Greek word literally means soft. Modern-day translators believe it goes with the word next to it, a word that has the Greek for man and bed in one word. They think it refers to the active and passive participants in either male homosexual acts, or one particular form of homosexual activity (for example gay prostitution). That doesn’t solve it for the gay male, but we can be pretty sure “effeminate” is not the best translation.

      For one thing, if effeminate actions were such a terrible sin, we would find it expounded and described elsewhere. Sexual sin, on the other hand, is described as sin from early in the Old Testament, through the prophets, by Jesus, and later in the New Testament. If something was so absolutely essential, why would the Bible say it only once in a way that could easily be misunderstood?

      (Personally, I think with a hard word like that, translators should translate it literally if they are unsure, and make a footnote. That could prevent some bad teaching. For example: “…no soft* people… Footnote *soft: This word has been suggested to mean effeminate, or morally soft, or the passive participant in a homosexual act, or a homosexual prostitute.)


  2. The thing is, there is absolutely no such thing as ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ (or ‘effeminate’ as defined meaining ‘girly’) except as defined by individual cultures, and that definition changes depending on the culture. The idea that there is one way for men to be or act, and another for women is a manmade idea inspired by Satan to keep God’s people divided, in much the same way as the arguments over slavery and the supposed differences between races did a hundred years ago. When will Christians wake up and realize that we are ALL, male and female, created in the image of God and there simply is no such thing in the new covenant as predetermined gender roles? Lord, have mercy, teach Your people!


    • You are right. I wanted to mention how cultural our ideas of masculine and feminine are in this piece, but then thought it was getting too long, that is another related topic.


  3. krwordgazer said:

    That phrase, “woman, thou art loosed” is taken out of context. Jesus was speaking to a woman He had just healed of a long chronic illness. “Woman, thou art loosed from thy infirmity.” He was not saying “Woman, thou art loosed to be a woman.” The way the quote uses “thou art loosed” reminds me of the way I treat my pets. When they are outside, they are tied on a long leash. When they come in the house, they are loosed from the lead, and can go anywhere they want– but they cannot get out of the four walls of the house. That’s what these people want to do to women. They are “free” as long as they do everything a woman is supposed to do from within the narrow confines of one interpretation of the Bible. But they are completely confined otherwise. It’s double-speak, right out of Orwell’s 1985. Bondage is freedom, boxing in is loosing.


  4. Anonymous said:

    Do these authors who claim that men process facts and women process emotions base their assertions on scientific research? I hear those sorts of statements quoted a lot, and wonder if there is some sort of study they are all relying upon.


  5. Perhaps the authors who claim it are women (with male nicknames). In that case, they can say it if it feels right to them. No scientific research would be needed.



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