Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

Which one of these two would you rather hear preaching?

The one on the right is Billy Graham. I have no idea of the name, religious affiliation or lack of it, or character of the woman on the left. Now you know why I cannot quite agree with this quote:

For those of us who still expect Jesus to be the same Lord that terrified the Apostle John (Rev 1:17), we have trouble seeing a woman in that role…

Aside from the explicit historical and biblical support for an all male clergy, we have the added factor that it confuses our understanding of God. Female clergy encourages a wrong understanding of God, and a wrong understanding of God encourages female clergy. Regardless of which begins the process, they feed each other. At this point in history, to help drive us back to the right understanding of ordination we need to have a right understanding of our Lord. When we see Christ in His proper and biblical personhood then we will more easily understand how He is supposed to be represented by His representatives.

I definitely want Jesus to be caring and sensitive; I want Him to be merciful to me when I beg for His forgiveness. Yet, I also want Him to be all-powerful and sovereign. I want Him to be a “real Man” (more so than I can ever be), for that is the only hope that we have when the world, the flesh, and the Devil rise up against us…

Fr. Chori Jonathin Seraiah , in a post entitled “Jesus was not a sissy”

This is a fine example of how it is not complementarianism itself that angers me, but the many prideful, illogical ideas used to defend it.

He want Jesus to be represented by a man, because we should get an impression of strenght. If that was true, then a muscled woman should rather represent Jesus than the frail old Billy Graham. And we should make church bylaws against paraplegic pastors and ill pastors (the previous pastor of my congregation had cancer) . They cannot represent Jesus!

But Fr. Seraiah shows in several ways that he wrongly understand Christian personhood and Christ’s work.

1)      We are all called to represent Christ, even if those of us not single/ Jewish/ male/ younger than 35, like Jesus was on earth. Pastors are no more – or less – representing Christ to the world than other believers.

2)      The kingdom of God is not physical but spiritual, and that could not be shown by the physical built of pastors.

3)      No man (or women) could or should represent sovereignty. Or all-powerfulness, for that matter. Christ’s representatives should represent service, not power-grabbing.

4)      Christian women who live boldly for Christ, who love Him and do right without fear, are not “sissies” either.

Whether you believe in female clergy or not, all evidence suggest that women could represent Jesus.

Comments on: "You don’t need physical strength to represent Jesus. (Or a male body, for that matter.)" (4)

  1. Interesting to discern what’s really being said and implied, underneath the statement!
    I wonder if the writer would have the ‘strength’ to cast out his own pastor, if the pastor ever broke his leg…


  2. I find myself wondering if the author of that really understands what he’s implying. The essence of being male is to have power and rule. Therefore, to be female is to have no power and no rule. A right understanding of God is to understand God in terms of power and rule.

    What this means is that women are not made in the image of God.

    This is a blatant contradiction of the Scripture. “So God made humans in His own image. In the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” But this is what the author is telling women. “You are a lesser creation, because you have no power or rule. You cannot be God’s representatives because you were not made in God’s image.”

    It’s a terrible thing to tell another human being.


  3. Kristen, thank you for this insight! You convinced me this is more important than I thought.

    You are right. That is the message.


  4. All kinds of leaders of the church are completely clueless about who God is. Tragedy. You know what Jesus said about those who lead others astray.


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