Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

I read this argument several places, and find it hair-raising, regardless of whether you are a complementarian or an egalitarian:

Only men should be pastors, because they can better represent God’s sovereignty, his all-powerful nature.

I will leave the first 5 words of the statement alone for now. Many clever theologians already discuss that. But the reason given here should set of all our alarms.

Representing sovereignty? That is “lording it over others.” Jesus clearly warned against that. If anyone say he wants pastors to represent God’s sovereignty, run. That is a clear warning signal for spiritual abuse.

What level of pride is needed for a man (or woman, for that matter) to think he (she) could represent sovereignty and all-powerfulness? What makes them think they should even try?

Representing sovereignty is a contradiction in terms. If God reigns alone, we could only represent that by setting ourselves under it.  The moment we try to live an example of what reigning alone looks like, we are trying to usurp God’s sovereignty, and testifying against it.

Comments on: "Representing sovereignty? Beware!" (6)

  1. Isn’t that what the Catholic clergy system is all about? Straight hierarchy and representation of Christ on earth. A male pedophile is still a priest (representing Christ) while even discussing the possibility of ordaining women will send you to hell?


  2. It’s not just catholics. Many of the protestant denominations think along those same lines. Scary…


  3. Don Johnson said:

    What this shows is the hierarchalists seeing hierarchy. This is similar to an argument the Caltholic church uses to claim that only males can be priests.


  4. Lamar Wadsworth said:

    When my mother died, we were not allowed to have her funeral at the church where she was an active member 52 years because we had asked two women to read scripture at the service. Not preach, just read scripture. The pastor there has gone hog-wild over this business of restricting all leadership and ministry functions to males. Our church (Heritage Baptist, Cartersville GA) honored Mother like one of its own and gave her the homegoing she deserved.


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