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These quotes are not mine. But since people from what I would call modesty culture have occasionally visited my blog and even liked insights like “Who are the babies” and “Purity  balls – one virgin’s perspective” , I present this, which may be insightful to some of you:

   Modesty actually deals with what is put on the body, not what is taken off or absent.  We say a person has a modest income we are describing the small amount they make.  The word modest is only found in 1 Tim. 2:9 (KJV).  It is the translation of KOSMIOS from which family of Greek words that we get our word cosmos, and cosmetic.  It means the arraignment of things, their orderliness.  Applied to people it would be clothes or other ‘add ons’ that are not considered excessive by culture.  Such excess can only be culturally defined.

Second, “Doesn’t nakedness cause lust?”  No, lust is caused in the heart of the person by their own sin.  Lust is a strong word denoting an “I’ve got to have it” and “I’ll get it whatever way I have to” mentality.  A new car, house, or job can be an object of lust.  So can a fully clothed person.  Also, those in the health field, who are around good nudity, can attest that a nude patient is simply that, a nude patient.  – Jeff


Deliberately covering up merely tells others that there is *something* there to be covered, thereby drawing attention to the body as a sexual object.

Both the burka and the bikini are equal in this. They scream “I am a sex object!” The only difference is that one says “and I will hide it” while the other says “and I will flaunt it.” –Mr. Popular Sentiment


Disclaimer: Linking to other sites does not mean that I believe everything in the links. Test for yourselves what is true.

Comments on: "Modesty: Is too much clothing immodest?" (5)

  1. I agree with you, some very conservative Christians says that a woman is a Jezebel if using little clothing (an egal made that comment on a blog by the way…) and I think it is wrong. I live in a culture where at my age (22) I am told to dress very sexual because at my age it is not about being pretty, cute or chic is being hypersexuallized. Which I disagree and I rebelled agains it. I now dress more scene like , but there is the other extreme, the Christians who impose that woman wear certain kind of clothing and c over up. This owman who made the comment she sounded like that, and no it is not the clothes it is the heart. I can wear what I want , for me it is a sin to dress very skimpy not becuase clothes but the motive., I am a woman made in the image of God , and I am parading myself like a piece of meat? No thank you, but neither will I be ashamed of my body either. That is the otehr extreme, my body can cuase so much lust it has to be hidden….really? No I spent more than ten years ashamed of mybody because I was overweight and could not look as thin as Paris Hilton, not anymore, I won´t show off my body with a miniskirt making myself a sexual object,neither I will become so ashamed of my body, going back to my teen years, because both types are bad and they hurt your self esteem. I am not a sexual object neither I am something to be hidden, it is the heart of those people, my body is beautiful and I will not be ashamed of it, I can wear what I want, God sees the heart, not the clothes!!


  2. Lennor Dy said:


    I just wanted to ask how I can contact you via email? I couldn’t find it here.

    Thank you! 🙂


  3. Amen, Andrea. I love the heart of your comment.


  4. Adriana A. said:

    again …. I still so want to believe God is a God of balance !!!


  5. I just happened to come across this in my research. This is a very poorly done article. I’m literally flabbergasted. Not only is this person out of touch with the bible but is really out of touch with reality. Of course don’t take my word for it (or definitely not this persons) just take your time reading and studying yourself. It’s nice that this person took the time but looks like it was done with a personal agenda. God bless.


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