Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

(Many complementarians claim that marriage is a symbol of Christ and the church. Here is how I think such a marriage, symbolic of Christ and the church, will look like.)

If marriage was symbolic of Christ and His bride, then …

>   The groom has to leave marvellous wealth and power behind, and live in squalor like the very poor bride, before asking her to marry.

>   The groom would have to accept any whore who wanted to be His bride, and regard her – from the day of marriage – as clean and never, ever, bring up her past again.

>   While accepting any whore as bride, he himself has to have a spotless past, never marred by any sin.

>   The groom has to die and get raised before getting the bride.

>   The groom will trust the bride enough to go away for a long time. (The time between His ascension and his second coming, about 2000 years and counting now.)

>   We could spend everything on the most lavish wedding ceremony imaginable (second coming) – there is no tomorrow that our earthly resources have to be saved for.

>   The groom will never be selfish, and never make a bad choice.

Now a man could ask himself: Does he really want to be Christ, with his wife as the church, in such a picture? Does he want to be judged by God for not living up to all that? When we tell him that the Bible do not call marriage a picture of Christ and the church, (it probably does not, it seemingly calls Christ and the church a picture marriages can draw from) should he be relieved or disappointed?

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