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Patriarchy causes abortion?

Which of the following philosophies have the bigger influence on abortion? Choose one:

a)      Patriarchy

b)      Feminism

The average American evangelical will probably think that one is a no-brainer. And the home-schooled, large-family, submit-to-your-husband crowd even more so.

Here are two of a myriad of people who disagree:

Patriarchal societies are part of the problem of altered sex ratios, female infanticide and foeticide. This needs to be acknowledged and changed. – K. S. Jacob in TheHindu

Gita Aravamudan uses the tools of investigative reporting to expose the imperatives that drive this horrific phenomenon (of killing and aborting daughters). She unravels an appalling story of deeply embedded and destructive patriarchal beliefs… – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

I think that, if you take both words in the broadest sense, K. S. Jacob is right. It is poor countries with very definite and hierarchal gender roles (patriarchy in the broad sense), like India and China, that have the highest abortion numbers. Near-equal gender rights (feminism in the broad sense) often overlaps with a smaller, wealthy country with a much smaller number of abortions.

I agree that the American ideology of Christian Patriarchy probably do not increase the abortion rate, at least in their own midst. But neither does egalitarian Christianity.

This is an unjust accusation:

Some modern-day feminists fought for abortion rights.

Egalitarians are feminists.

Ergo, if you are pro-life, oppose egalitarianism.

About as unjust as this one will be:

Patriarchal societies often have a much higher abortion number than non-patriarchal societies. In fact, some of them, most notably India and China, is infamous for sex-selective abortions.

Complementarians are patriarchal.

Ergo, if you are pro-life, oppose complementarianism.


But I do not see anyone forwarding the latter. Egalitarians are probably too honest for such dirty, underhanded tricks.


(Edit, 11 Feb.: Realizing how unreliable abortion statistics from some countries are, I worded my comment in a less sweeping way. )

Comments on: "Patriarchy causes abortion?" (5)

  1. Logical, as usual. 🙂


  2. Nancy & John said:

    Hi Biblicalpersonhood,
    Thanks you for your post, I study about this movement referred to as Keep at Residence Daughters, or Christian Patriarchy, it would like its daughters to be at family home finding out housework and old fashioned feminine qualities these kinds of as homemaking and birthing different young children, also named Quiverfull, they do not want their women to go to university or functioning exterior the household, she also have to be under the defense of her father/husband. They are towards feminism and abortion (as am I but I believe it is the woman’s option). They are conservative homeschoolers and train their little ones like fathers coaching the boys to be ‘bread winners’ and the mothers prepare the women to be ‘keepers of the home’. They really don’t even simply call it ‘raising a child’ but ‘train up a child’. This is kinda like the Duggars from 19 children and Counting. And there is certainly also those Purity Balls, wherever daughters pledge their virginity to their dads and the dad has to vow to preserve them. They also say that any daughter/lady who disobeys her father/husband is disobeying God as well.

    Is this mistaken in some way?

    Worst of all, they do this considering that its created in the bible, they adhere to the Isaiah three:12 and genesis stating be fruitful and multiply

    Even the women like this movements, they actually like to follow their husbands and obey him result in he is the gentleman, the leader


    • Hi, Nancy and John. For some reason your post landed in my spam box, where I found it today. I would argue that this movement is very much mistaken. Look around my blog a bit more for evidence. The things tagged patriarchy mostly discuss that very movement.

      See for example:

      Where Christianity has God/ Jesus at the centre, their movement has male authority at the centre. For example, the Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy mention God’s authority once, the authority of the husband/ father 7 times, wifely/ motherly authority never, of the church three times and the government once. The Bible mentions God/ Jesus as authority a lot, and goverment authority rather often. Half of the verses on Christian authority (Matt 20:25 Mark 10:42-43 Luke 22:25-26)are of the nature: “The unbelievers have rulers who exercise authority…you should be different.” The only verse I know of with husbandly authority gives husbands and wives the same authority – 1 Cor 7:4. There are no verses which gives fathers a special authority.

      All in all, their ways are man idolatry. Google “Sarah Faith Schlissel” and what she say of “God takes the back seat” and being the property of her father. This movement also set up men as mediators between God and children/ wives, while Christ is the only mediator we need!


    • All in all, thanks for asking and I invite you to read more. I have a whole “submit, how” group of posts, that aims to put perspective on certain harsh views of submission, one recent post was about purity balls, and Titus 2 (the most significant proof text for keeping women at home) is discussed.


  3. Patriarchy. All about gender selective abortion compared to feminism.


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