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A symbol for egalitarians?


Shirley Taylor have posted a picture reminding her of equality, and it inspired a conversation that spilled over to the Equality Central Forum: The idea of a symbol for egalitarians, to show solidarity with their ideas.


I am not sure that it is wise to display such a symbol. It may scare off a hard complementarian visitor to an egal blog or site even before a word was said. And said complementarian may have benefitted from just seeing the egalitarian blogger as a fellow Christian, and then seeing that a fellow Christian could make a meaningful, but opposite case for women’s “roles” (I hate that word) in the home and church.


But, if some of us find it useful for identification, I came up with this little idea. Perhaps something in it could be used – executed a lot neater, of course!


Women and man. Equal. In Christ.

Comments on: "A symbol for egalitarians?" (6)

  1. You would be surprised to find out how many people think egalitarians are trying to erase all differences between the sexes. One man recently told me that he hesitates to call himself egalitarian because he thought the term means we believe in unisex. I am glad I explained to him. Not sure how much he absorbed, old concepts die hard. It is not until we understand the other side’s thinking that we can avoid pitfalls. The = sign is potentially problematic.


  2. But Retha, I like your idea of coming up with a symbol to show solidarity.


  3. I appreciate your speaking your reservations, Retha, though I think a symbol would be nice. With regards to that one, though, it does look a little as if it’s saying that the Cross makes men and women exactly alike (which is how comps tend to understand egalitarianism). I think whatever symbol we adopt (if any), should not play into any such misunderstanding.


  4. I understand the problem. To my mind the word equal, when referring to humans, never refers to being physically the same, or thinking the same way, or emotionally similar. Every time I ever saw humans referred to as equals, it meant that the one is not hierarchially superior to the other. It is nasty (and very un-Christian) of comps to spread a vicious lie like “egalitarians believe men and women are the same”, but equality does not, when referring to humans, mean sameness.
    Still, even if the equal sign in this is useless, something in here may trigger someone else to have a better idea.


    • “Equal” when used in language does not necessarily mean “same”.

      In arithmetic, however, it does. That’s the problem we’re seeing with turning our speech into a picture, here: We seem to be also turning it into (however simple) a mathematical equation of a sort.

      This has the unintended consequence of indicating something we don’t at all mean to say. The symbols communicate something different than even the very words we would use to describe it.

      The comps are using the mathematical meaning of “equal” to argue against something in which they don’t believe, since the way we’re using the word “equal” (verbally, or in writing, outside of math) has been around a long time… 😛 It frustrates me.


      • That wasn’t supposed to turn out as a grin, but as me sticking my tongue out in frustration and b/c I’m tired of tired arguments like the example y’all have all talked about, above.


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