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Equally yoked?

Paul regarded a believing marriage partner and an unbeliever as “unequally yoked.”(2 Co 6:24) Does this imply he regarded two Christian partners as “equally yoked?”

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  1. Although the passage is traditionally taught as a “marriage” passage, it doesn’t say anywhere in there that it’s about marriage. I think its more general.

    “you are restricted by your own affections”

    What does “restricted” mean?

    Food for thought.

    I know from personal experience that marrying a “Christian” does not provide one bit of insulation from unrighteousness, lawlessness, and darkness. So taking the passage as if that is what it is saying gives a false sense of security, like its a “formula” that guarantees a good marriage. NOT!

    After being a Christian for 30+ years (married to a Christian for 28), nowadays I am more scared that my children marry a self-centered, self-righteous “Christian” who will use the Bible to abuse them than that they marry a non-Christian who loves and respects them.


    • Charis, I agree. Marrying someone who identify as Christian – especially in a culture where that is a common label – don’t say anything. Research shows difference in religious views happens to be one of the many factors which may cause marital conflict, and lessens the chance that a relationship will work. For that reason I won’t recommend a believer marrying an unbeliever. But that is one of many things to think about, not the whole or even half story.


  2. Nice one Retha! 😀


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