Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood (Blog of Retha Faurie)

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1) Creation, masculinity and femininity

1.1 Male neediness of a woman is not because of the fall, but God-ordained. A world without women was called “not good” (Gen 2:18) while the same was never said of a world without men.

1.2 God makes man from dust, (Gen 2:7) and turns the dust into something higher. God makes woman from man, (Gen 2:22) and turns the man into something higher.

1.3 Eve is called a helper,(Gen 2:18,20) as God is called the helper (Deu 33:7; Ps 33:20) of needy men. Strength, aide, rescuer, and strong ally are other ways to understand the word helper. This denotes that woman is superior to man as God is superior to him.

1.4 Eve sins by deception (1 Ti 2:14), while Adam is the deliberate sinner (1 Ti 2:14; Rom 5:14-19). God has mercy on non-deliberate sin (1 Ti 1:13), but the world is cursed and sin enters it through Adam (Gen 3:17; Rom 5:15-19), with his deliberate sin.

1.5 This sin introduced distortions in the male/female relationship:

1.5.1 In marriage, the humble, thankful submission of man to his strong benefactor, the woman, is replaced by a desire to rule over her.(Gen 3:16) And the wife’s intelligent, willing strength (Proverbs 31) is replaced with a doormat attitude or domination.

1.5.1 In the church, sin inclines men to love power and usurp women’s godly roles of strength and leadership. (Matt. 20:25) Sin inclines both genders to be passive and leave their own roles unfulfilled.

2) Biblical manhood and womanhood – the outworking of this in Scripture

2.1 God has given spiritual authority to crush Satan to Eve and her offspring, but not to Adam. (Gen 3:15) Satan did not lose the battle in the old Testament, when some forms of service in the church was restricted to males(Lev 6:29, 7:6), but only in the new Testament (Rom 16:20; Rev 20:10) with it’s priesthood of believers (1Pe 2:9), including female believers.

2.2 Both Old and New Testaments affirm the dispensability of men, and the indispensability of women. Examples was God sending Adam from the garden, not Eve as the Lord still wanted her(Gen 3:23); God’s asking for the sacrifice of male lambs – not female – for sacrifices, as he knew the value of females to the stock(Ex 34:19); calling men to battles where they may be killed and very seldom calling woman; giving the death penalty for male homosexual acts and not female(Lev 18:22); Jesus having a female, but not a male human as parent(Mat 1:18-20); all of Jesus’ harshest sayings being aimed at men (for example Mat 3:7 and Mat 23:13-29); Jesus (male) dies because God loves the church he calls his bride (female)(Joh 3:16, 3:29). The sacrificial love of Christ for his bride is a love men should mirror, for their wives. (Eph 5:25)

2.3 The sinful nature we all share enters a child through the male gene.(Rom 5:15-19) Jesus was sinless,(2Co 5:21) as he only had a female human parent.(Matt 1:20) This extends to the church, where sin enters through having male spiritual leaders. It also extends to the home, which is why people are blamed in scripture for listening to their fathers. (Luk 11:48; 1 Pe 1:18)

2.4 The first apostles (the requirements for an apostle being someone who saw Jesus, and received a commission from Him) was Mary Magdalene and other women(Mat28:7), called to tell the disciples that He has risen. Likewise, the female apostle Junia in the Bible is called “of note” or “outstanding”.(Rom. 16:7)

2.5 Wisdom is feminine(Pro 1:20), which is another reason why God desires female leadership in the home (Gen 21:12b), church (Luk. 2:36-38, Rom 16:1-2, Rom 16:7), and public (Jdg 4:4) spheres.

2.6 Both genders are the image (Gen 1:26-27) and glory (Ps. 8:5, 2Co 3:18) of God, but women have a double portion of glory. She is not only God’s glory, but also man’s.(1Co 11:7) This gives men the responsibility of giving glory to their wives.

2.7 While men are called to love their wifes with a Christlike, perfect love (Eph 5:25), the bible does not directly tell wifes to love husbands. It only tells older women – those whose passion may have waned through the years – to indirectly tell the younger ones to do so, (Tit 2:4) and then without any strong words about this love having to be Christlike.

2.8 Being a servant makes you great in the Bible. (Mat 20:27; 23:11, Mar 10:44, ) As women are more often made to follow servanthood roles, it follows that women are greater than men.

2.9 Receiving children in God’s name is a way to receive Christ.(Mat 18:5) As the majority of people who spend time with children are women, woman often receive Christ in that way. Motherhood is also a route to salvation,(1Tim 2:15) while fatherhood is not.

2.10 In short, from man alone not being good in Genesis 2, up to the last chapter of Revelation which calls the church the bride, (Rev. 22:17) the moral, spiritual, and relational superiority of women is affirmed all through scripture. This superiority does not affect the equality of the inheritance of salvation that both male and female believers receive in Christ. (Gal 3:28)

3) Biblical manhood and womanhood – the outworking of this in society

3.1 Following Christ is more important for a woman than raising children successfully (Luk 11:27-28) It is also more important than housekeeping. (Luk 10:38-42) Doing battle – both spiritually against Satan, and physical- is ordained by God for women. (Gen 3:15; Jdg 4:9, Eph 6:10-13)

3.2 Higher education is part of the role that God ordained for women, not men. God calls women to learn (1 Ti 2:11) but not to share their learning with men.(1 Ti 2:12) .

3.3 Men, on the other hand, should build a relationship with their children and raise them (Eph 6:4, 1Th 2:11), something which can hardly be done without staying at home with them.

3.4 Even when the man stay at home, the ruling of households is a role given to women, (1 Ti 5:14) and the man, the one who is not good when alone,(Gen 2:18) is second in command to the leadership of his strong rescuer.

3.5 Women are called to be financial providers. (1Ti 5:16 )

3.6 The failures when men try to lead is evident for all to see: Failed and unhappy marriages, male-led churches without God’s power, war and banana republics.

3.7 In a world where men sinfully tied women to tasks not ordained by the Lord, God often had to use males for godly work. Christ’s followers included males. (Luk 8:1-2) Even today, God will sometimes use a man as vessel when a qualified woman is not available.(2Ti 2:21)

3.8 Men should not despair when hearing of the female-centredness of God’s plan, as God also made them in His image,(Gen 1:26-27) and they share equally in the gift of salvation(Gal. 3:28), if they rejoice in and willingly submit to his plans. These plans include the plan of thankfully submitting (Heb 13:17) to their rescuers, both God who rescued them from sin, (Jas 4:7) and women, who rescued them from loneliness (Gen 2:18) and is the enemy of Satan, watching over the souls of men ( Gen 3:15a, Heb 13:17).

Comments on: "The Inverse statement on Biblical Womanhood and Manhood" (21)

  1. I think you can find “evidence” for almost anything in the bible if you look hard enough. Even gender bias.


  2. Kristen said:

    This makes about the same amount of sense as the way the scriptures are used to keep women under male rule. *grin* Good job, Retha!


  3. “Men should not despair when hearing of the female-centredness of God’s plan, as God also made them in his image,(Gen 1:26-27) and they share equally in the gift of salvation,(Gal. 3:28) if they rejoice in and willingly submit to his plans. ”

    I have been beating my head against a wall trying to get a male friend to see the teachings of comps from a woman’s view. I swear its impossible for him! This quote sums up my despair at the DS exactly. I love la cigol.


  4. Verity3 said:

    I want to laugh. But it’s just too scary. Wowzes.


  5. Kbonikowsky, do you think it will perhaps help if you print this for him (without labels like “spoof” or the comments, and ask what he would think if this was, taught,believed and lived in most churches around him?

    Anyway, it’s tragic for me if a churchgoing (i assume here, correct me if I’m wrong) man simply cannot see how women will be concerned about something like that.


  6. Minor joke, sort of on topic of using the bible for your prejudices: “The bible says God made a deep sleep fall over Adam. It never say God woke him up.”


  7. What a great read! 🙂

    Those of us who suffocated under husband rule for decades NEED to see that we have real biblical authority from God. No joke!

    Thanks for the link.

    Sign me,
    oikeDESPOT and enjoying it! 🙂


    • Thanks, Charis, it’s a pleasure.

      And what you wrote certainly is no joke. It was linked to show where I get rule from a verse mostly translated as “keep the house.”


  8. This is brilliant. It’s one of those things I read and wish I would have thought of it and wrote it!

    I found you through Suzanne McCarthy, and I will be back.


  9. Thanks, Shawna. If you (or anyone) have ideas for other tenets to add, it will be interesting.


  10. […] I had not come across the blog Biblical Personhood till Suzanne pointed to a fabulous post The Inverse statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood which pokes gentle fun at the perverse Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. The […]


  11. Delightful! Thanks for the careful reading.


  12. […] had not come across the blog Biblical Personhood till Suzanne pointed to a fabulous post The Inverse statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood which pokes gentle fun at the perverse Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. The […]


  13. Gillian said:

    Brilliant. Having just written a PhD partly about CBMW and their views this was exactly what I needed to read!! Thanks!


  14. […] spoof post I linked to, and the Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood that it parodies, are both […]


  15. […] Bible misused to favor men over women, but I do not want it misused to favor women over men either. The Inverse Statement, if actually adopted in the church, will be as bad as the Danvers […]


  16. Beautiful. It amazes me how much I still have to ‘unlearn’ from my days in patriarchy. Some of the simply logical points you make here I will end up including in my next teachings in our assembly, I am sure. If you have a spare hour, you could check them out at Under Archives, see Marriage Part One and Marriage Part 2. I’m working on Part 3 and 4 now, which will cover the marriage myths surrounding the fall.


    • Julie, just remember that this is a spoof: It spins together things – from good but out of context to terrible interpretation of texts – into one woman-as-master whole. The point is if one woman can hit upon all these woman-glorifying texts over a short time, without even seriously wanting to put women on a pedestal above men, how much more can all the Bible explainers over 2000 years who want to keep men on a pedestal, and for the most part only listened to male voices, put together their spin and make it the standard idea most everyone has?


      • Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah…I get that. It is so funny to me though, how it is often the sarcastic, let’s-twist-this-same-logic-around type of examples that make the light bulb go on for me. This simple logic often causes the ‘duh’ moment where I can *see* the fallacy so much quicker than a long theological explanation. I’ve noticed the same effect with folks in our assembly.

        I have several ridiculous examples (like above) included in my next few teachings just for that reason. Have you seen the article on Rachel Held Evan’s site about what would happen if Titus 2 was applied to men? Hysterical.

        This kind of example reminds me of Art School when we’d turn our subject upside down when drawing it to give our eyes a fresh perspective and allow us to undo some of the wiring that our brains had built around, say, “What does an apple look like?”

        Liked by 1 person

  17. Retha, I find this on website years ago. Sadly, most of it is true. Perhaps you could ‘spoof’ scriptural support for this list also.

    10 reasons Why Men Should Not Be Ordained For Ministry.

    10. A man’s place is in the army.

    9. The pastoral duties of men who have children might distract them from the responsibility of being a parent.

    8. The physique of men indicates that they are more suited to such tasks as chopping down trees and wrestling mountain lions. It would be “unnatural” for them to do ministerial tasks.

    7. Man was created before woman, obviously as a prototype. Thus, they represent an experiment rather than the crowning achievement of creation.

    6. Men are too emotional to be priests or pastors. Their conduct at football and basketball games demonstrates this.

    5. Some men are handsome, and this will distract women worshipers.

    4. Pastors need to nurture their congregations. But this is not a traditional male role. Throughout history, women have been recognized as not only more skilled than men at nurturing, but also more fervently attracted to it. This makes them the obvious choice for ordination.

    3. Men are prone to violence. No really masculine man wants to settle disputes except by fighting about them. Thus they would be poor role models as well as dangerously unstable in positions of leadership.

    2. The New Testament tells us that Jesus was betrayed by a man. His lack of faith and ensuing punishment remind us of the subordinated position that all men should take.

    1. Men can still be involved in church activities, even without being ordained. They can sweep sidewalks, repair the church roof, and perhaps even lead the song service on Father’s Day. By confining themselves to such traditional male roles, they can still be vitally important in the life of the church.

    This list is the work of Dr. David M. Scholer, a former professor at Fuller Theological Seminary.


  18. […] those very same Bible texts in another context. Here is a spoof example of using the Bible in a female leadership context, and a serious one of using the Bible in an egalitarian […]


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