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Sometimes, people respond to me with things like: “You are wrong, see 1 Timothy 2:11-15” Most of the time, they will then cut and paste the entire passage, invariably from a translation which put “assume authority” in :12, never from one that choose another possible meaning. They will have nothing more to say, as if the passage is self-explanatory. Of course, in studying this topic I looked at 1 Tim 2:11-15. Here is what I will cut and paste next time someone does that:

The passage you have there is one of the hardest passages of scripture. The first-glance meaning contradicts so much else in the bible: salvation through Christ, not being blamed for someone else’s sin, Christs perfect atonement, treating the misled versus the willful sinner, women having authority to prophecy, Priscilla teaching Apollos, obsessing with endless genealogies… From that, the first-glance meaning to us cannot be the real meaning.

Several clear meanings are missed at first glance, like “I permit not” is Paul that does not permit, not God, and “a woman” that should not teach a man is not “all women.” And “Adam was not deceived” is no praise to Adam, it means he knowingly sinned. You could even miss that between :10 and 11 the discussion moves from women to “a woman.”

Different scholars give at least 5 different meanings to the word translated as “assume authority”, which appears only once in the bible. Your choice of translation is the one that forbids the most, but seduction and violence/ murder is also among the possibilities.

My take? This was originally written to Timothy, an Ephesian preacher. Where we can learn of God’s will from what was written to Timothy, very good. But where it seemingly contradict everything else, where we have no idea who this “she” is who will be saved through the childbirth, we can rest assured that she is long dead, and we don’t need to know what situation her pastor Timothy had to handle with her.

More, including the points referred to, here:

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  1. Verity3 said:

    Wow. Thank you for this. I have cut and pasted this article, and “16 Reasons to be Careful…,” where I will have them at ready access 🙂


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