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I believe the Christian church needs to oppose abortion, and we need all our allies in the fight. When we blame the wrong people for abortion, we not only shoot potential allies, we also bear false witness.

Here Errol Naidoo frames a culprit for the abortion problem:

“… the Women’s Liberation Movement is the primary driver of the global abortion holocaust.” – Errol Naidoo, Joy Magazine

This quote is from a South African magazine, but I often heard the same thing from American gender hierarchists. But do Errol and the complementarians frame the right culprit?

According to The Alan Guttmacher Institute, there were, in the late nineties, 45,5 million abortions per year. 10 million of those were in the developed world, 35,5 million in the developing. The Women’s organizations that is blamed for abortion was, as far as I know, most active in the developed world. Now how on earth would The Women’s Liberation Movement have a greater influence on other countries than on their own?

Two countries where abortion estimates are the highest are India and China. By that same chart 1 in my previous link, there were 10, 6 million abortions in China per annum at the time. There are allegedly 6,7 million abortion per year in India.

Is feminism driving the abortions in these places? Well, abortion in China is driven by a one child policy, and by unequal societal expectation (boys should look after aging parents, girls not) on boys and girls. Abortions in India are alledgedly driven by, and I quote:

According to a recent report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) up to 50 million girls and women are missing from India’ s population as a result of systematic gender discrimination in India.

(Red color by source, not by me.) Feminist success – increased gender equality – would decrease abortions in the places where abortion happen most.

As a pro-family, pro-life thinker, who don’t hate men and opposes any law that discriminates against one sex – including when males get the short end of the stick -, the label of radical feminist, as defined by American conservatives*, certainly don’t fit me. But feminism can be an ally in the fight against abortion. And when, at times, pro-abortion feminists are our enemies, they are still not the primary cause of abortion. To call them the primary cause is, as I understand it, to bear false witness.

* This note is added in 2016, 5 years after writing the original article: The American Conservative view of a Radical Feminist, I now know, is very far from what actual women who call themselves Radical Feminists are.
And American Conservative pro-life beliefs are very different in motive and expression from pro-life elsewhere. When I call myself pro-life, I am not just pro-birth but pro-wellbeing of mother before and after birth, pro-children having enough to eat and being loved, pro-peace, and a hard moral dilemma for me is about the death penalty for a murderer (he could kill again, pro-lifers would want to oppose that). And I am against harassing women at a place where, among others, abortion is done, on the false judgment that they may be there for an abortion.

Comments on: "Does the church bear false witness when it blames feminism for abortion?" (7)

  1. Very interesting!


  2. The American church tends to get tunnel vision. We aren’t very global minded, for sure.


  3. Hi Retha,

    That’s an excellent point and one that doesn’t get mentioned. Ever. I get so frustrated with the much-touted stereotype that feminists are responsible for all the evils of the world (much touted in certain religious circles at least). It’s nice to hear the actual statistics instead of unsubstantiated group maligning. 🙂

    God bless you,


    • Natasha, these men bash feminists because they themselves want all the power, and then find excuses (feminists being the leading cause of abortion, or being selfish) to deflect from their own self-centered power lust. So any woman who comes up against their own ungodly lust for power, can be labelled a “feminist” and conveniently ignored.


  4. Excellent point. However, how would you respond to the counterarguments?

    First, most Christians don’t deny the abortion problems in other countries but blame the prevalence of non-Christian ideologies. Feminism enters the conversation when the focus is on the United States.

    Second, most Christians blame the growing number of abortions in American minority communities and in developing countries around the world on feminism’s growing influence around the world.


    • Jenny, why do you use the words “most Christians”? In my country, I’ve never spoken to one Christian who blame abortion on feminism? (I’ve read one, and he is quoted above.) You spoke to Christians from how many countries to get an impression on what most Christians believe?

      If someone blames feminism for abortions in America – and nowhere else – it is not a counterargument to anything above. I am not informed enough to know if the more limited claim is true. But I do know many in the American church blames feminism for abortion globally, and they are seemingly wrong. As they seem not to keep their facts straight on feminism, I won’t believe them about the more limited claim before they give clear evidence for it.

      Your second statement was responded to already.


  5. A good article on the same theme:

    Feminism is the solution, not the problem.


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