Because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or Biblical womanhood

Eve was made as the k’negdo of Adam. That is the Hebrew translated to old English Bibles with “meet for him”, to some English Bibles with “suitable” and to my Afrikaans Bible with a word that literally means “his equal.” (Gen 2:18 and :20)tell-363848948-sep-9-2012-1

This refers to “eye to eye equality”, says Loren Cunningham, or literally, according to another scholar, nose against nose. Is it a coincidence that people can look each other in the eye as equals during sexual intimacy? Dogs and horses and other animals do not. Did God perhaps make sexual intimacy for looking each other honestly in the eye as equals, without pretenses and without putting on an act?

Does eye-to-eye, nose-to-nose, k’negdo closeness and equality imply (among others) God’s sexual design?

Just a thought. Use it, don’t use it. Call me wrong if I am, but tell me why.

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Comments on: "Does Genesis 2 allude to equality in sexual intimacy?" (1)

  1. Quite right! The word “ezer” (“help”) by itself actually implies superiority– God is our Ezer, our help, from above. The word k’negdo qualifies ezer so that it means “help from face to face” – in other words, from an equal.

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